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 2002 Chrysler Concorde Installation Kit & Accessories for your next car audio / stereo install! Do your next car audio installation yourself!

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  2002 Chrysler Concorde Radio / Car Audio Installation Guide


 I want to replace my factory radio

 The parts in this section is what is typically required for proper car audio / stereo installation of most all replacement radios. Most car audio / stereo installation kit can mount Shaft or Single Din (standard size) replacement radios / car stereos.
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Chrysler Car Stereo Installation Kit Includes:
  • Faceplate
  • Wire Harness
  • Antenna Adapter
*Faceplate shown is most popular choice
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View Available Faceplate(s)
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  Faceplate Options
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All available faceplate(s) will work perfect for your next car audio / stereo / radio installation, its just a matter of which look you like better!
  Wire Harness
 Harness has every wire clearly marked for easy installation, all wires not used should be properly terminated
Price $ 17.78
This wire harness will easily wire, matched wire colors, to your aftermarket deck. Making your next car audio / stereo installation a breeze!
  Antenna Adapter
 antenna adapter
Price $ 14.88
Antenna adapter will be required if using any other radio than what came in the vehicle

 I want to replace my factory speakers

 The parts in this section is what is typically required for proper speaker installation of most all replacement speakers.
 How do speakers work?
 Speaker Harness
Speaker Harness (Pair)
Price $ 9.99
Speaker Harness allows changing speakers with out cutting any wires. Great for car audio / stereo installations in lease vehicles
 Speaker Adapter
Speaker Adapter (Pair)
Price $ 16.88
Speaker Adapters allow using different sized speakers than what was originally used in the vehicle. Great for your next car audio / stereo installation
 I have a "PREMIUM SOUND RADIO" and I would like to install a new radio.
OEM-1 Kit
Select radio type
OEM-1 Kit
Price $ 80.00
 The PAC OEM1 kits are designed to connect directly to your new radio's wiring harness, most of the time the wire colors will match. This will require some basic crimps, soldering or taping wires together (ONLY IF CHANGING RADIO). It is usually as easy as matching the colored wires and connecting them, plug one end into the cars harness and the other into the new radio and your done. These work great on factory premium sound systems including Bose. Installation time is usually few minutes, after factory radio has been removed. This makes for a clean install, easy to do. For the do-it yourself install kit.
 These are sold as complete kit with everything you'll need
 I want to 'Add an amplifier' to my factory radio
OEM-1 Kit
Price $ 80.00
 These kit are designed to plug directly in between your factory radio and factory harness with out making any crimps, soldering or taping wires together. The adjustable OEM 1 (supplied) will have front and rear stereo outputs (RCA'S) allowing up to two amplifiers to be added. The OEM 1 will also have an output for the amplifier turn on lead. Installation time approximately two minutes after factory radio has been removed
  Line Output Converters
SNI-35 Line Output Converter
Price $ 29.95
The model SNI-35 is used to add an amplifier to a stereo which has speaker level outputs, perfect for your next car audio / stereo installation
 SNI-35 adjusts the signal from 2 to 40 watts per channel. Signals below 20Hz cutoff. Linear from 20-20,000Hz at +/- 5 dB, while maintaining signal phase. Isolates input and output circuits to prevent ground loop noise. Perfect when adding an amplifier to a factory or aftermarket radio. Great for getting an additional set of pre-amps outputs from a head unit equipped with only one set.
LN-60 Line Output Converter
Price $ 14.88
High Level to RCA Level Adapter
 Converts High Level Speaker Output to RCA. Line Level/Adjustable Level Control. Sleek Black Color. Allows the Easy Installation of EQ's & Amplifiers to Systems with No RCA Outputs
  Factory Parts & Accessories
 OEM Antenna Adapter
Antenna Adapter
Price $ 16.8
Antenna Adapter will plug into the radio that came in the car when it was new
 If your vehicle has Steering Wheel controls and you would like to replace your radio with a new one, and still be able to use some of the functions on the steering wheel.
  Amplifier Tips
SNI-1 Noise Filter
Price $ 19.95
The model SNI-1 is used to remove noise from an amplifier outputs. Perfect for your next car audio / stereo installation
*kit and harnesses may be substituted by another manufacture if Metra product is not in stock
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