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Wire Harnesses for your next Car Stereo Wiring Harness

Acura Car Stereo Wiring Harness

1999 Acura CL NOVA701721 MET711721
1997-98 Acura CL CWB701720 NOVA711720
1999-02 Acura TL NOVA701721 MET711721
1996-98 Acura TL CWB701720 NOVA711720
1999-02 Acura RL NOVA701721 MET711721
1996-98 Acura RL CWB701720 NOVA711720
1999-01 Acura Integra NOVA701721 MET711721
1990-98 Acura Integra CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-89 Acura Integra CWB701720 NOVA711720
1990-96 Acura Legend CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-89 Acura Legend CWB701720 NOVA711720
2001-02 Acura MDX NOVA701721 MET711721
2002 Acura RSX NOVA701721 MET711721
1991-96 Acura Vigor CWB701720 NOVA711720

Audi Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2000-02 Audi A4 NOVA701784
1997-99 Audi A4 NOVA701784
1997-99 Audi A4_Avant_Wagon NOVA701784
2000-01 Audi A6 NOVA701784
1997-99 Audi A6 NOVA701784
1997-99 Audi A6_Avant_Wagon NOVA701784
2000-02 Audi A8 NOVA701784
1997-99 Audi A8 NOVA701784
1997-98 Audi Cabrio NOVA701784
2000-02 Audi TT NOVA701784
1988-96 Audi 80-90_Series NOVA701784
1989-95 Audi 100-200_Series NOVA701784

BMW Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2002 BMW 3_Series NOVA709003
1999-01 BMW 3_Series NOVA708590
1990-97 BMW 3_Series NOVA708590
1997-01 BMW 323 NOVA708590
1997-01 BMW 328 NOVA708590
2002 BMW 5_Series NOVA709003
1997-01 BMW 5_Series NOVA708590
1990-96 BMW 5_Series NOVA708590
1999-01 BMW 7_Series NOVA708590
1990-98 BMW 7_Series NOVA708590
1997-02 BMW Z3 NOVA708590

Buick Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2000-02 Buick Century NOVA702001 MET712001
1997-99 Buick Century NOVA702001 MET712001
1990-96 Buick Century CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Buick Century CWB701858 CWB711858
1982-87 Buick Century NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1990 Buick Electra CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Buick Electra CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-87 Buick Electra NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-99 Buick Le_Sabre NOVA702001 MET712001
1991-94 Buick Le_Sabre CWB701858 CWB711858
1990 Buick Le_Sabre CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Buick Le_Sabre CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-87 Buick Le_Sabre NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-02 Buick Park_Avenue NOVA702001 MET712001
1991-94 Buick Park_Avenue CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Buick Park_Avenue CWB701858 CWB711858
1995-99 Buick Regal NOVA702001 MET712001
1988-94 Buick Regal CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-87 Buick Regal NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2002 Buick Rendevous NOVA702003T
1996-99 Buick Riviera NOVA702001 MET712001
1990-95 Buick Riviera CWB701858 CWB711858
1986-89 Buick Riviera CWB701858 CWB711858
1983-85 Buick Riviera NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-96 Buick Roadmaster NOVA702001 MET712001
1991-94 Buick Roadmaster CWB701858 CWB711858
1996-98 Buick Skylark NOVA702001 MET712001
1987-95 Buick Skylark CWB701858 CWB711858
1983-86 Buick Skylark NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1988-89 Buick Skyhawk CWB701858 CWB711858
1982-87 Buick Skyhawk NOVA7016771 CWB7116771

Cadillac Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1997-99 Cadillac Catera NOVA702001 MET712001
1982-88 Cadillac Cimarron NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1990-93 Cadillac Coupe_DeVille CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Cadillac Coupe_DeVille CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-87 Cadillac Coupe_DeVille NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2002 Cadillac EXT CWB701858 n
1988-91 Cadillac Eldorado CWB701858 CWB711858
1983-87 Cadillac Eldorado NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1999-02 Cadillac Escalade CWB701858 n
1990-93 Cadillac Fleetwood CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Cadillac Fleetwood CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-87 Cadillac Fleetwood NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1996-99 Cadillac Seville NOVA702001 MET712001
1992-95 Cadillac Seville NOVA702001 MET712001
1988-91 Cadillac Seville CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-87 Cadillac Seville NOVA7016771 CWB7116771

Chevrolet Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1996-02 Chevrolet Astro_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-95 Chevrolet Astro_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-90 Chevrolet Astro_Van NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2002 Chevrolet Avalanche CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-96 Chevrolet Beretta CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Beretta_(AC) CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Beretta_(NON-AC) CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-94 Chevrolet Blazer_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-91 Chevrolet Blazer_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1973-87 Chevrolet Blazer_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2002 Chevrolet Blazer _With_CTF_package CWB702003 n
2002 Chevrolet Blazer_ Without_CTF_package CWB701858 CWB711858
1998-01 Chevrolet Blazer CWB701858 CWB711858
1997-02 Chevrolet Camaro CWB701858 CWB711858
1993-96 Chevrolet Camaro CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-92 Chevrolet Camaro CWB701858 CWB711858
1982-89 Chevrolet Camaro NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1994-96 Chevrolet Caprice CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-93 Chevrolet Caprice CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Caprice NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-87 Chevrolet Caprice NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2000-02 Chevrolet Cavalier NOVA702003T
1995-99 Chevrolet Cavalier CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-94 Chevrolet Cavalier CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Cavalier NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-87 Chevrolet Cavalier NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1990 Chevrolet Celebrity CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-89 Chevrolet Celebrity NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985 Chevrolet Citation_II NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1991-96 Chevrolet Corsica CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Corsica_(AC) CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Chevrolet Corsica_(NON-AC) CWB701858 CWB711858
1997-02 Chevrolet Corvette CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-96 Chevrolet Corvette CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-89 Chevrolet Corvette NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1978-83 Chevrolet Corvette NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1986-87 Chevrolet El_Camino NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-85 Chevrolet El_Camino NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2001-02 Chevrolet Express_van_(full_size) CWB702003 n
1996-00 Chevrolet Express_van_(full_size) CWB701858 CWB711858
2000-02 Chevrolet Impala NOVA702003T
1994-96 Chevrolet Impala CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-90 Chevrolet Impala NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1978-84 Chevrolet Impala NOVA7016771 NOVA7016771
1995-01 Chevrolet Lumina CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-94 Chevrolet Lumina CWB701858 CWB711858
1993-96 Chevrolet Lumina_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-92 Chevrolet Lumina_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
2001-02 Chevrolet Malibu NOVA702003T
1997-00 Chevrolet Malibu CWB701858 CWB711858
2000-01 Chevrolet Metro CWB702003 n
1995-99 Chevrolet Metro NOVA701782 MET711782
2000-02 Chevrolet Monte_Carlo NOVA702003T
1995-99 Chevrolet Monte_Carlo CWB701858 CWB711858
1986-88 Chevrolet Monte_Carlo NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1978-85 Chevrolet Monte_Carlo NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-88 Chevrolet Nova NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2000-02 Chevrolet Prizm CWB702003 n
1998-99 Chevrolet Prizm NOVA701782 MET711782
1995-02 Chevrolet CK_Pickup_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-94 Chevrolet CK_Pickup_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1973-87 Chevrolet CK_Pickup_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1998-02 Chevrolet Blazer CWB701858 CWB711858
1995-97 Chevrolet S-10_Blazer CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-94 Chevrolet S-10_Blazer CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Chevrolet S-10_Blazer NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1986-87 Chevrolet S-10_Blazer NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-85 Chevrolet S-10_Blazer NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2002 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup_With_CTF_package CWB702003 n
2002 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup_Without_CTF_package CWB701858 CWB711858
1998-01 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup CWB701858 CWB711858
1994-97 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup CWB701858 CWB711858
1989-93 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup CWB701858 CWB711858
1986-88 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-85 Chevrolet S-10_Pickup NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1999-02 Chevrolet Silverado_Pickup_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-89 Chevrolet Spectrum NOVA701782 MET711782
1985-88 Chevrolet Sprint_ER-Turbo CWB701692
1995-02 Chevrolet Suburban CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-94 Chevrolet Suburban CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-91 Chevrolet Suburban NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1973-87 Chevrolet Suburban NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-02 Chevrolet Tahoe CWB701858 CWB711858
1998-02 Chevrolet Tracker CWB702003 n
2002 Chevrolet Trail_Blazer CWB702003 n
2001-02 Chevrolet Van_(full_size)_Express CWB702003 n
1996-00 Chevrolet Van_(Full_Size)_Express CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-95 Chevrolet Van_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1986-87 Chevrolet Van_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2000-02 Chevrolet Venture_Van NOVA702003T
1997-99 Chevrolet Venture_Van CWB701858 CWB711858

Chrysler Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2002 Chrysler 300M NOVA706502 n
1999-01 Chrysler 300M NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-00 Chrysler Cirrus NOVA701817 CWB711817
1998-01 Chrysler Concorde NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler Concorde NOVA706502 n
1993-97 Chrysler Concorde NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-93 Chrysler E-Class NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-93 Chrysler Fifth_Avenue NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-93 Chrysler Imperial NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler LHS NOVA706502 n
1999-01 Chrysler LHS NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-98 Chrysler LHS NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-89 Chrysler Laser NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-95 Chrysler LeBaron NOVA701817 CWB711817
1994-96 Chrysler New_Yorker NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-93 Chrysler New_Yorker NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler PT_Cruiser NOVA706502 n
2001 Chrysler PT_Cruiser NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler Sebring_Convertible NOVA706502 n
2001 Chrysler Sebring_Convertible NOVA701817 CWB711817
1996-00 Chrysler Sebring_Convertible NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler Sebring_Coupe NOVA701817 CWB711817
2001 Chrysler Sebring_Coupe NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-00 Chrysler Sebring_Coupe NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler Sebring_Sedan NOVA706502 n
2002 Chrysler Town_&_Country_(Mini_Van) NOVA706502 n
2001 Chrysler Town_&_Country_(Mini_Van) NOVA701817 CWB711817
1999-00 Chrysler Town_&_Country_(Mini_Van) NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-95 Chrysler Town_&_Country_(Mini_Van) NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Chrysler Voyager NOVA706502 n
2001 Chrysler Voyager NOVA701817 CWB711817

Daewoo Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1999-02 Daewoo Lanos MET708405
1999-02 Daewoo Leganza MET708405
1999-02 Daewoo Nubira MET708405

Dodge Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1984-89 Dodge Aries NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-00 Dodge Avenger NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Dodge Caravan NOVA706502 NOVA706502
2001 Dodge Caravan NOVA701817 CWB711817
1996-00 Dodge Caravan NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-95 Dodge Caravan NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-87 Dodge Charger NOVA701817 CWB711817
1993-94 Dodge Colt NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-92 Dodge Colt NOVA701743 MET711743
1992-94 Dodge Colt_Vista NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-91 Dodge Colt_Vista NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-93 Dodge D-50_Pickup NOVA701743 MET711743
2002 Dodge Dakota NOVA706502 n
2001 Dodge Dakota NOVA701817 CWB711817
1997-00 Dodge Dakota NOVA701817 CWB711817
1987-96 Dodge Dakota NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-93 Dodge Daytona NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-89 Dodge Diplomat NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Dodge Durango NOVA706502 n
2001 Dodge Durango NOVA701817 CWB711817
1998-00 Dodge Durango NOVA701817 CWB711817
1988-93 Dodge Dynasty NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Dodge Intrepid NOVA706502 n
1998-01 Dodge Intrepid NOVA701817 CWB711817
1993-97 Dodge Intrepid NOVA701817 CWB711817
1986-89 Dodge Lancer NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-92 Dodge Monaco CWB701002 MET711002
2000-01 Dodge Neon NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-99 Dodge Neon NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-90 Dodge Omni NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Dodge Ram_Pickup_1500 NOVA706502 n
2002 Dodge Ram_Pickup_2500-3500 NOVA701817 CWB711817
1994-01 Dodge Ram_Pickup NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-93 Dodge Ram_Pickup NOVA701817 CWB711817
1987-89 Dodge Raider NOVA701743 MET711743
1984-93 Dodge Ram_Charger NOVA701817 CWB711817
1994-95 Dodge Shadow NOVA701817 CWB711817
1987-93 Dodge Shadow NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995 Dodge Spirit NOVA701817 CWB711817
1989-94 Dodge Spirit NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-96 Dodge Stealth NOVA701743 MET711743
2002 Dodge Stratus_Coupe NOVA701817 CWB711817
2002 Dodge Stratus_Sedan NOVA706502 n
2001 Dodge Stratus NOVA701817 CWB711817
95-2000 Dodge Stratus NOVA701817 CWB711817
1998-02 Dodge Van_(Full_Size) NOVA701817 CWB711817
1994-97 Dodge Van_(Full_Size) NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-93 Dodge Van_(Full_Size) NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-89 Dodge Van_(Full_Size) NOVA701817 CWB711817

Eagle Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1988-92 Eagle Premier CWB701002 MET711002
1993-94 Eagle Summit NOVA701743 MET711743
1988-92 Eagle Summit NOVA701743 MET711743
1992-95 Eagle Summit_Wagon NOVA701743 MET711743
1995-98 Eagle Talon NOVA707001 MET717001
1990-94 Eagle Talon NOVA701743 MET711743
1993-97 Eagle Vision NOVA701817 CWB711817

Ford Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1992-97 Ford Aerostar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-91 Ford Aerostar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Ford Aerostar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1995-97 Ford Aspire NOVA701770 CWB711770
1992-96 Ford Bronco_(Full_Size) NOVA701770 CWB711770
1987-91 Ford Bronco_(Full_Size) NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986 Ford Bronco_(Full_Size) NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Ford Bronco_(Full_Size) NOVA701772 MET711772
1989-90 Ford Bronco_II NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Ford Bronco_II NOVA701770 CWB711770
1983-85 Ford Bronco_II NOVA701772 MET711772
1995-00 Ford Contour NOVA701770 CWB711770
1998-02 Ford Crown_Victoria NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Ford Crown_Victoria CWB705600 MET715600
1992-94 Ford Crown_Victoria NOVA701770 CWB711770
1998-02 Ford Econoline_Full_Size_Van NOVA701771 CWB711770
1997 Ford Econoline_Full_Size_Van NOVA701770 CWB711770
1992-96 Ford Econoline_Full_Size_Van NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-91 Ford Econoline_Full_Size_Van NOVA701770 CWB711770
1982-85 Ford Econoline_Full_Size_Van NOVA701772 MET711772
1991-96 Ford Escort NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-90 Ford Escort NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Ford Escort NOVA701772 MET711772
2001-02 Ford Escape NOVA701771 CWB711771
2000-02 Ford Excursion NOVA701771 CWB711771
1999-02 Ford Expedition NOVA701771 CWB711771
1997-98 Ford Expedition CWB705600 MET715600
2002 Ford Explorer NOVA701771 CWB711771
1998-01 Ford Explorer NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Ford Explorer CWB705600 MET715600
1991-94 Ford Explorer NOVA701770 CWB711770
2001-02 Ford Explorer_Sport_Trac NOVA701771 CWB711771
1999-02 Ford Pickup_F-250-F-550 NOVA701771 CWB711771
1999-02 Ford Pickup_F-150 NOVA701771 CWB711771
1997-98 Ford Pickup_F-150 NOVA701770 CWB711770
1992-96 Ford F-Series_Pickup NOVA701770 CWB711770
1987-91 Ford F-Series_Pickup NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986 Ford F-Series_Pickup NOVA701770 CWB711770
1982-85 Ford F-Series_Pickup NOVA701772 MET711772
1988-93 Ford Festiva NOVA701781 CWB711781
2000-02 Ford Focus NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-91 Ford LTD NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Ford LTD NOVA701770 CWB711770
1982-85 Ford LTD NOVA701772 MET711772
2001-02 Ford Mustang NOVA701771 CWB711771
1999-00 Ford Mustang CWB705511
1994-98 Ford Mustang NOVA701770 CWB711770
1987-93 Ford Mustang NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986 Ford Mustang NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Ford Mustang NOVA701772 MET711772
1982-84 Ford Mustang NOVA701772 MET711772
1993-97 Ford Probe NOVA701770 CWB711770
1988-92 Ford Probe NOVA701770 CWB711770
1998-02 Ford Ranger NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Ford Ranger CWB705600 MET715600
1994 Ford Ranger NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-93 Ford Ranger NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Ford Ranger NOVA701770 CWB711770
1983-85 Ford Ranger NOVA701772 MET711772
1998-99 Ford Taurus_(no_electronic_controls) MET705715
1996-97 Ford Taurus_(no_electronic_controls) MET705715
1990-95 Ford Taurus NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-89 Ford Taurus NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-94 Ford Tempo NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Ford Tempo NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Ford Tempo NOVA701772 MET711772
2002 Ford Thunderbird NOVA701771 CWB711771
1989-97 Ford Thunderbird NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Ford Thunderbird NOVA701770 CWB711770
1983-85 Ford Thunderbird NOVA701772 MET711772
1999-02 Ford Windstar NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-98 Ford Windstar NOVA701770 CWB711770

Geo Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1989 Geo Spectrum NOVA701782 MET711782
1995-97 Geo Metro NOVA701782 MET711782
1992-94 Geo Metro NOVA701782 MET711782
1989-91 Geo Metro NOVA701782 MET711782
1994 Geo Metro_Convertible NOVA701782 MET711782
1991-93 Geo Metro_Convertible NOVA701782 MET711782
1993-97 Geo Prizm NOVA701782 MET711782
1990-92 Geo Prizm NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1989 Geo Prizm NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1990-93 Geo Storm NOVA701782 MET711782
1992-97 Geo Tracker NOVA701782 MET711782
1989-91 Geo Tracker NOVA701782 MET711782

GMC Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2002 GMC Envoy NOVA702003T
1998-01 GMC Envoy CWB701858 CWB711858
2002 GMC Jimmy_With_CTF_package CWB702003 n
2002 GMC Jimmy_Without_CTF_package CWB701858 CWB711858
1998-01 GMC Jimmy_-_Envoy CWB701858 CWB711858
1995-97 GMC Jimmy CWB701858 CWB711858
1994 GMC Jimmy CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-91 GMC Jimmy_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
1978-87 GMC Jimmy_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1999-02 GMC Sierra CWB701858 CWB711858
1995-98 GMC Sierra CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-94 GMC Sierra CWB701858 CWB711858
1973-87 GMC Pickup_(Full_Size) NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2001-02 GMC Savana_Full_Size_Van CWB702003 n
1996-00 GMC Savana_Full_Size_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
2002 GMC Sonoma_With_CTF_package CWB702003 n
2002 GMC Sonoma_Without_CTF_package CWB701858 CWB711858
1998-01 GMC Sonoma CWB701858 CWB711858
1994-97 GMC S-15-Sonoma CWB701858 CWB711858
1993 GMC S-15-Sonoma CWB701858 CWB711858
1986-92 GMC S-15-Sonoma NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-85 GMC S-15-Jimmy NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1996-02 GMC Safari_Mini_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-95 GMC Safari_Mini_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-90 GMC Safari_Mini_Van NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-00 GMC Suburban CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-94 GMC Suburban CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-91 GMC Suburban NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-87 GMC Suburban NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1973-84 GMC Suburban NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1988-95 GMC Van_(Full_Size) CWB701858 CWB711858
2001-02 GMC Yukon_-_Denali CWB701858 CWB711858
1995-00 GMC Yukon_-_Denali CWB701858 CWB711858
2001-02 GMC Yukon_XL CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-94 GMC Yukon CWB701858 CWB711858

Honda Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1998-02 Honda Accord NOVA701721 MET711721
1994-97 Honda Accord CWB701720 NOVA711720
1993 Honda Accord CWB701720 NOVA711720
1990-92 Honda Accord CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-89 Honda Accord CWB701720 NOVA711720
1982-85 Honda Accord MET701388
2002 Honda Civic_Si NOVA701721 MET711721
2001-02 Honda Civic NOVA701721 MET711721
1999-00 Honda Civic NOVA701721 MET711721
1996-98 Honda Civic CWB701720 NOVA711720
1992-95 Honda Civic CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-91 Honda Civic CWB701720 NOVA711720
1984-85 Honda Civic MET701388
1983 Honda Civic MET701388
1993-97 Honda Civic_Del_Sol CWB701720 NOVA711720
1999-02 Honda CRV NOVA701721 MET711721
1997-98 Honda CRV CWB701720 NOVA711720
1988-91 Honda CRX CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-87 Honda CRX CWB701720 NOVA711720
1984-85 Honda CRX MET701388
2001-02 Honda Insight NOVA701721 MET711721
1999-02 Honda Odyssey NOVA701721 MET711721
1995-98 Honda Odyssey CWB701720 NOVA711720
1998-02 Honda Passport CWB707712 MET717712
1996-97 Honda Passport CWB707712 MET717712
1994-95 Honda Passport NOVA701782 MET711782
1999-01 Honda Prelude NOVA701721 MET711721
1997-98 Honda Prelude CWB701720 NOVA711720
1992-96 Honda Prelude CWB701720 NOVA711720
1988-91 Honda Prelude CWB701720 NOVA711720
1986-87 Honda Prelude CWB701720 NOVA711720
1983-85 Honda Prelude MET701388
2000-02 Honda S2000 NOVA701721 MET711721

Hyundai Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2002 Hyundai Accent NOVA707301
2000-01 Hyundai Accent NOVA707301
1995-99 Hyundai Accent MET707300 MET717300
2001-02 Hyundai Elantra NOVA707301
1996-00 Hyundai Elantra MET707300 MET717300
1992-95 Hyundai Elantra MET707300 MET717300
1990-94 Hyundai Excel MET707300 MET717300
1986-89 Hyundai Excel MET701736 MET711736
2001-02 Hyundai Santa_Fe NOVA707301
2002 Hyundai Sonata NOVA707301
1999-01 Hyundai Sonata NOVA707301
1997-98 Hyundai Sonata MET707300 MET717300
1995-96 Hyundai Sonata MET707300 MET717300
1989-94 Hyundai Sonata MET701736 MET711736
1991-95 Hyundai Scoupe MET707300 MET717300
2003 Hyundai Tiburon NOVA707301 n
1997-02 Hyundai Tiburon_double-din MET707300 MET717300
1997-02 Hyundai Tiburon_single_din MET707300 MET717300
2001-02 Hyundai XG_300 NOVA707301

Infinity Car Stereo Wiring Harness
Infinity MOST_MODELS CWB707550

Isuzu Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1998-00 Isuzu Amigo CWB707712 MET717712
1991-94 Isuzu Amigo NOVA701782 MET711782
1989-91 Isuzu I-Mark_S-XS-RS-LS NOVA701782 MET711782
1985-88 Isuzu I-Mark_S-XS-RS-LS NOVA701782 MET711782
1991-93 Isuzu Impulse_(Double_DIN) NOVA701782 MET711782
1990 Isuzu Impulse_(Double_ DIN) NOVA701782 MET711782
1999 Isuzu Oasis NOVA701721 MET711721
1996-98 Isuzu Oasis CWB701720 NOVA711720
1998-01 Isuzu Hombre CWB701858 CWB711858
1996-97 Isuzu Hombre CWB701858 CWB711858
1989-95 Isuzu Pickup NOVA701782 MET711782
1988 Isuzu Pickup NOVA701782 MET711782
2001-02 Isuzu Rodeo_Sport CWB707712 MET717712
1998-02 Isuzu Rodeo CWB707712 MET717712
1995 -97 Isuzu Rodeo CWB707712 MET717712
1992-95 Isuzu Rodeo NOVA701782 MET711782
1990-91 Isuzu Stylus_(Double_DIN) NOVA701782 MET711782
1996-02 Isuzu Trooper CWB707712 MET717712
1993-95 Isuzu Trooper NOVA701782 MET711782
1992 Isuzu Trooper_II NOVA701782 MET711782
1989-91 Isuzu Trooper_II NOVA701782 MET711782
1999-01 Isuzu VehiCROSS CWB707712 MET717712

Jeep Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1997-01 Jeep Cherokee NOVA701817 CWB711817
1988-96 Jeep Cherokee CWB701002 MET711002
1988-92 Jeep Comanche_Pickup CWB701002 MET711002
2002 Jeep Grand_Cherokee NOVA706502 n
1999-02 Jeep Grand_Cherokee NOVA701817 CWB711817
1996-98 Jeep Grand_Cherokee NOVA701817 CWB711817
1993-95 Jeep Grand_Cherokee NOVA701817 CWB711817
1992 Jeep Grand_Wagoneer CWB701002 MET711002
1988-91 Jeep Grand_Wagoneer CWB701002 MET711002
2002 Jeep Liberty NOVA706502 MET716502
1997-02 Jeep Wrangler NOVA701817 CWB711817
1988-96 Jeep Wrangler CWB701002 MET711002

Kia Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2001-02 Kia Optima NOVA707301
2001-02 Kia Rio NOVA701003
2002 Kia Sedona NOVA701003
1998-01 Kia Sephia NOVA701003
1995-97 Kia Sephia NOVA701003
1994 Kia Sephia NOVA701781
2000-02 Kia Spectra NOVA701003
1998-01 Kia Sportage NOVA701003
1995-97 Kia Sportage NOVA701003

Lexus Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1992-96 Lexus ES_300 MET708112

Lincoln Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2001 Lincoln Blackwood NOVA701771 CWB711771
1998-02 Lincoln Continental NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Lincoln Continental CWB705600 MET715600
1990-94 Lincoln Continental NOVA701770 CWB711770
1988-89 Lincoln Continental NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-87 Lincoln Continental NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Lincoln Continental NOVA701772 MET711772
2000-02 Lincoln LS_series NOVA701771 CWB711771
1989-92 Lincoln Mark_VII NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Lincoln Mark_VII NOVA701770 CWB711770
1984-85 Lincoln Mark_VII NOVA701772 MET711772
1996-98 Lincoln Mark_VIII CWB705600 MET715600
1993-95 Lincoln Mark_VIII NOVA701770 CWB711770
1999-02 Lincoln Navigator NOVA701771 CWB711771
1997-98 Lincoln Navigator CWB705600 MET715600
1998-02 Lincoln Town_Car NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Lincoln Town_Car CWB705600 MET715600
1990-94 Lincoln Town_Car NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-89 Lincoln Town_Car NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Lincoln Town_Car NOVA701772 MET711772

Mazda Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1990-94 Mazda 323 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1986-89 Mazda 323 NOVA701781
2002 Mazda 626 NOVA707903 n
1998-01 Mazda 626 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1993-97 Mazda 626 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-92 Mazda 626 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1988-89 Mazda 626 NOVA701781
1986-87 Mazda 626 NOVA701781
1996-97 Mazda 929 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1992-95 Mazda 929 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-91 Mazda 929 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1988-89 Mazda 929 NOVA701781
1998-02 Mazda B-series_Pickup NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Mazda B2300-B3000-B4000 CWB705600 MET715600
1994 Mazda B2300-B3000-B4000 NOVA701770 CWB711770
1990-93 Mazda B2000-B2200-B2600 NOVA701781
1986-89 Mazda B2000-B2200-B2600 NOVA701781
2002 Mazda Miata NOVA707903 TTUNE717901
1998-01 Mazda Miata NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-97 Mazda Miata NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
2002 Mazda Millenia NOVA707903 n
1994-01 Mazda Millenia NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1996-99 Mazda MPV_Van NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-95 Mazda MPV_Van NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1996 Mazda MX3 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1992-95 Mazda MX3 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1993-97 Mazda MX6 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-92 Mazda MX6 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1988-89 Mazda MX6 NOVA701781
1986-87 Mazda MX6 NOVA701781
1991-94 Mazda Navajo NOVA701770 CWB711770
2001-02 Mazda Protégé-Protégé5-MP3 NOVA707903
1995-00 Mazda Protege NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-94 Mazda Protege NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
2001-02 Mazda Tribute NOVA701771 CWB711771
1992-97 Mazda RX7 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1990-91 Mazda RX7 NOVA707901 TTUNE717901
1986-89 Mazda RX7 NOVA701781

Mercury Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1991-94 Mercury Capri NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986 Mercury Capri NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Mercury Capri NOVA701772 MET711772
2000-02 Mercury Cougar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1999-00 Mercury Cougar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-97 Mercury Cougar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Mercury Cougar NOVA701770 CWB711770
1983-85 Mercury Cougar NOVA701772 MET711772
1998-02 Mercury Grand_Marquis NOVA701771 CWB711771
1995-97 Mercury Grand_Marquis CWB705600 MET715600
1992-94 Mercury Grand_Marquis NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-91 Mercury Grand_Marquis NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Mercury Grand_Marquis NOVA701770 CWB711770
1982-85 Mercury Grand_Marquis NOVA701772 MET711772
1987 Mercury Lynx NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986 Mercury Lynx NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Mercury Lynx NOVA701772 MET711772
1995-00 Mercury Mystique NOVA701770 CWB711770
2002 Mercury Mountaineer NOVA701771 CWB711771
1998-01 Mercury Mountaineer NOVA701771 CWB711771
1997 Mercury Mountaineer CWB705600 MET715600
2000-02 Mercury Sable_(no_electronic_controls) MET705715
1998-99 Mercury Sable_(no_electronic_controls) MET705715
1996-97 Mercury Sable_(no_electronic_controls) MET705715
1990-95 Mercury Sable NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-89 Mercury Sable NOVA701770 CWB711770
1989-94 Mercury Topaz NOVA701770 CWB711770
1986-88 Mercury Topaz NOVA701770 CWB711770
1985 Mercury Topaz NOVA701772 MET711772
1991-96 Mercury Tracer NOVA701770 CWB711770
1988-90 Mercury Tracer NOVA701781
1999-02 Mercury Villager NOVA701771 CWB711771
1996-98 Mercury Villager NOVA701770 CWB711770
1993-95 Mercury Villager NOVA701770 CWB711770

Mitsubishi Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1995-99 Mitsubishi 3000GT NOVA707001 MET717001
1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT NOVA707001 MET717001
1991-93 Mitsubishi 3000GT NOVA701743 MET711743
1997-02 Mitsubishi Diamante NOVA707001 MET717001
1992-96 Mitsubishi Diamante NOVA707001 MET717001
1993-95 Mitsubishi Diamante_Wagon NOVA707001 MET717001
2000-02 Mitsubishi Eclipse NOVA707001 MET717001
1995-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse NOVA707001 MET717001
1989-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse NOVA701743 MET711743
1992-94 Mitsubishi Expo NOVA701743 MET711743
1999-02 Mitsubishi Galant NOVA707001 MET717001
1994-98 Mitsubishi Galant NOVA707001 MET717001
1989-93 Mitsubishi Galant NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-91 Mitsubishi Galant_Sigma NOVA701743 MET711743
2002 Mitsubishi Lancer NOVA707001 MET717001
1993-96 Mitsubishi Mighty_Max NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-92 Mitsubishi Mighty_Max NOVA701743 MET711743
1997-02 Mitsubishi Mirage NOVA707001 MET717001
1993-96 Mitsubishi Mirage NOVA701743 MET711743
1987-92 Mitsubishi Mirage NOVA701743 MET711743
1997-02 Mitsubishi Montero NOVA707001 MET717001
1992-96 Mitsubishi Montero NOVA707001 MET717001
1987-91 Mitsubishi Montero NOVA701743 MET711743
2000-02 Mitsubishi Montero_Sport NOVA707001 n
1997-99 Mitsubishi Montero_Sport NOVA707001 MET717001
1990-93 Mitsubishi Precis MET701736 MET711736
1987-89 Mitsubishi Precis MET701736 MET711736
1989 Mitsubishi Sigma NOVA701743 MET711743

Nissan Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1995-98 Nissan 200SX CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1984-88 Nissan 200SX CWB701763 CWB711763
1995-98 Nissan 240SX CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1989-94 Nissan 240SX CWB701763 CWB711763
2002 Nissan Altima CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1998-01 Nissan Altima CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1995-97 Nissan Altima CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1993-94 Nissan Altima CWB701763 CWB711763
2002 Nissan Frontier CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1998-01 Nissan Frontier CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1995-97 Nissan Hardbody_Pickup CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1994 Nissan Hardbody_Pickup CWB701763 CWB711763
1986-93 Nissan Hardbody_Pickup CWB701763 CWB711763
2000-02 Nissan Maxima CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1995-99 Nissan Maxima CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1989-94 Nissan Maxima CWB701763 CWB711763
1987-88 Nissan Maxima CWB701763 CWB711763
1991-93 Nissan NX CWB701763 CWB711763
2001-02 Nissan Pathfinder CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1996-00 Nissan Pathfinder CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1995 Nissan Pathfinder CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1994 Nissan Pathfinder CWB701763 CWB711763
1990-93 Nissan Pathfinder CWB701763 CWB711763
1987-89 Nissan Pathfinder CWB701763 CWB711763
1990 Nissan Pulsar CWB701763 CWB711763
1987-89 Nissan Pulsar CWB701763 CWB711763
1999-02 Nissan Quest NOVA701771 CWB711771
1996-98 Nissan Quest NOVA701770 CWB711770
1993-95 Nissan Quest NOVA701770 CWB711770
2000-02 Nissan Sentra CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1995-99 Nissan Sentra CWB707550 TTUNE717550
1991-94 Nissan Sentra CWB701763 CWB711763
1987-90 Nissan Sentra CWB701763 CWB711763
1990-92 Nissan Stanza CWB701763 CWB711763
1987-89 Nissan Stanza CWB701763 CWB711763
1989-90 Nissan Axxess_Van CWB701763 CWB711763
2002 Nissan Xterra CWB707550 TTUNE717550
2000-01 Nissan Xterra CWB707550 TTUNE717550

Oldsmobile Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1996-98 Oldsmobile Achieva NOVA702001 MET712001
1993-95 Oldsmobile Achieva CWB701858 CWB711858
1992 Oldsmobile Achieva CWB701858 CWB711858
2001-02 Oldsmobile Alero NOVA702003T
1999-00 Oldsmobile Alero NOVA702001 MET712001
1995-00 Oldsmobile Aurora NOVA702001 MET712001
2002 Oldsmobile Bravada CWB702003 n
1998-01 Oldsmobile Bravada NOVA702001 MET712001
1995-97 Oldsmobile Bravada CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-94 Oldsmobile Bravada CWB701858 CWB711858
1997-99 Oldsmobile Cutlass NOVA702001 MET712001
1990-91 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Calais CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Calais NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-87 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Calais NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-96 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Ciera CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-94 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Ciera CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Ciera CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-87 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Ciera NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1995-97 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Supreme NOVA702001 MET712001
1992-94 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Supreme CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-91 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Supreme CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Supreme NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1984-87 Oldsmobile Cutlass_Supreme NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1994-99 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight NOVA702001 MET712001
1992-93 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight CWB701858 CWB711858
1989-91 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight CWB701858 CWB711858
1988 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1986-87 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-88 Oldsmobile Firenza NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1998-01 Oldsmobile Intrigue NOVA702001 MET712001
1996-99 Oldsmobile LSS NOVA702001 MET712001
1994-1996 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight NOVA702001 MET712001
1989-93 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1988 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1986-87 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1983-84 Oldsmobile Omega NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1980-82 Oldsmobile Omega NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1997-98 Oldsmobile Regency NOVA702001 MET712001
2000-02 Oldsmobile Silhouette NOVA702003T
1997-99 Oldsmobile Silhouette CWB701858 CWB711858
1993-96 Oldsmobile Silhouette_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-92 Oldsmobile Silhouette_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-90 Oldsmobile Touring_Sedan NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1988-93 Oldsmobile Toronado CWB701858 CWB711858
1983-87 Oldsmobile Toronado NOVA7016771 CWB7116771

Plymouth Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1984-87 Plymouth 600E_Class NOVA701817 CWB711817
1989-95 Plymouth Acclaim NOVA701817 CWB711817
1996-99 Plymouth Breeze NOVA701817 CWB711817
1988 Plymouth Caravelle NOVA701817 CWB711817
1985-87 Plymouth Caravelle NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-89 Plymouth Gran_Fury NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-90 Plymouth Horizon NOVA701817 CWB711817
1990-94 Plymouth Laser NOVA701743 MET711743
2000-01 Plymouth Neon NOVA701817 CWB711817
1995-99 Plymouth Neon NOVA701817 CWB711817
1987-94 Plymouth Sundance NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-87 Plymouth Turismo NOVA701817 CWB711817
1996-00 Plymouth Voyager NOVA701817 CWB711817
1984-95 Plymouth Voyager NOVA701817 CWB711817

Pontiac Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1990-91 Pontiac 6000 CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Pontiac 6000 NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1986-87 Pontiac 6000 NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-85 Pontiac 6000 NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2001-02 Pontiac Aztec NOVA702003T
1994-99 Pontiac Bonneville CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-93 Pontiac Bonneville CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-91 Pontiac Bonneville NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-87 Pontiac Bonneville NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1987-89 Pontiac Bonneville_Safari_Wagon NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1984-88 Pontiac Fiero NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1993-02 Pontiac Firebird-Trans_AM CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-92 Pontiac Firebird-Trans_AM CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Pontiac Firebird-Trans_AM NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-87 Pontiac Firebird-Trans_AM NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2001-02 Pontiac Grand_Am NOVA702003T
1996-00 Pontiac Grand_AM CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-95 Pontiac Grand_AM CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-91 Pontiac Grand_AM CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Pontiac Grand_AM NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1985-87 Pontiac Grand_AM NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1994-02 Pontiac Grand_Prix CWB701858 CWB711858
1992-93 Pontiac Grand_Prix CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-91 Pontiac Grand_Prix CWB701858 CWB711858
1988-89 Pontiac Grand_Prix CWB701858 CWB711858
1985-87 Pontiac Grand_Prix NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-88 Pontiac J-2000 NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1988-93 Pontiac Lemans NOVA701782 MET711782
2000-02 Pontiac Montana_Mini_Van NOVA702003T
1999 Pontiac Montana_Mini_Van CWB701858 CWB711858
1984-86 Pontiac Parisienne NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1983 Pontiac Parisienne NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1989-94 Pontiac Sunbird CWB701858 CWB711858
1988 Pontiac Sunbird NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
1982-87 Pontiac Sunbird NOVA7016771 CWB7116771
2000-02 Pontiac Sunfire NOVA702003T
1995-99 Pontiac Sunfire CWB701858 CWB711858
1997-99 Pontiac TransSport CWB701858 CWB711858
1993-96 Pontiac TransSport_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
1990-92 Pontiac TransSport_APV CWB701858 CWB711858
2003 Pontiac Vibe CWB702003 n

Saturn Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2000-02 Saturn L_Series CWB702002 MET712002
2000-02 Saturn S_Series CWB702002 MET712002
1995-99 Saturn Saturn CWB701858 CWB711858
1991-94 Saturn Saturn_SL1-SL2-Sport_Coupe CWB701858 CWB711858
2002 Saturn VUE CWB702002 MET712002

Subaru Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1985-87 Subaru Brat_Pickup CWB701692 MET711692
1982-84 Subaru Brat_Pickup CWB701692 MET711692
1998-02 Subaru Forster MET708901
1981-85 Subaru GL_DL_Hatchback CWB701692 MET711692
1986-89 Subaru GL_DL_Hatchback MET708900
1985-89 Subaru GL_DL_RX MET708900
1993-01 Subaru Impreza-Outback-WRX MET708901
1987-94 Subaru Justy MET701780
1995-02 Subaru Legacy-Outback MET708901
1990-94 Subaru Legacy MET701780
1990-99 Subaru Legacy_Wagon MET708901
1990-94 Subaru Loyale MET708900

Suzuki Car Stereo Wiring Harness
2002 Suzuki Aerio NOVA701721 MET711721
1995-02 Suzuki Esteem MET707992 MET717992
1995 Suzuki Samurai MET707992 MET717992
1986-94 Suzuki Samurai CWB707991
1996-98 Suzuki Sidekick MET707992 MET717992
1992-95 Suzuki Sidekick CWB707991
1989-91 Suzuki Sidekick CWB707991
1995-01 Suzuki Swift NOVA701782 MET711782
1992-94 Suzuki Swift NOVA701782 MET711782
1989-91 Suzuki Swift CWB707991
1999-02 Suzuki Vitara_Series MET707992 MET717992
2001-02 Suzuki XL-7 MET707992 MET717992
1996-99 Suzuki X-90 MET707992 MET717992

Toyota Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1995-99 Toyota Avalon NOVA701761 NOVA711761
2002 Toyota Camry NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1992-01 Toyota Camry_DX_Sedan NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1997-01 Toyota Camry_Sedan NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1992-96 Toyota Camry_LE_Sedan NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1999-02 Toyota Camry_Solara NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1992-96 Toyota Camry_Wagon NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-91 Toyota Camry NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1983-86 Toyota Camry NOVA701398
2000-02 Toyota Celica NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1994-99 Toyota Celica NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1990-93 Toyota Celica NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-89 Toyota Celica_ST NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1986 Toyota Celica_ST NOVA701398
1987-89 Toyota Celica_GT-GT-S NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1986 Toyota Celica_GT-GT-S NOVA701398
1982-85 Toyota Celica_ST-GT-Supra-GT-S NOVA701398
2003 Toyota Corolla NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1998-02 Toyota Corolla NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1993-97 Toyota Corolla NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1993 Toyota Corolla_4_dr-Wagon NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1988-93 Toyota Corolla_4dr_console_mount_(FWD)_lower_dash NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1988-92 Toyota Corolla_4dr_console_mount_(FWD)_upper_dash_mount NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1988-92 Toyota Corolla_2_dr-3dr_GTS-SR5 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987 Toyota Corolla_2_dr-3dr_GTS-SR5 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1984-86 Toyota Corolla_2_dr-3dr_GTS-SR5 NOVA701398
1987-88 Toyota Corolla_FX-FX_16 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987 Toyota Corolla_4_dr_5_dr NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1984-86 Toyota Corolla_4_dr_5_dr NOVA701398
1982-83 Toyota Corolla_Sedan-Wagon_upper_dash_mount NOVA701398
1983 Toyota Corolla_Coupe-Liftback_console_mount NOVA701398
1985-87 Toyota Cressida_Luxury NOVA701398
2000-02 Toyota Echo NOVA701761 NOVA711761
2001-02 Toyota Highlander NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-96 Toyota Land_Cruiser NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1985-86 Toyota Land_Cruiser NOVA701398
1983-84 Toyota Land_Cruiser NOVA701398
2003 Toyota Matrix CWB702003 n
2000-02 Toyota MR2 _Spyder NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1991-95 Toyota MR2 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-90 Toyota MR2 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1985-86 Toyota MR2 NOVA701398
1996-97 Toyota Paseo NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1992-95 Toyota Paseo NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1996-02 Toyota 4_Runner NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1992-95 Toyota Pickup-4_Runner NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1989-93 Toyota Pickup-4_Runner_(Dbl_DIN) NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1989-93 Toyota Pickup-4_Runner_(Sngl_DIN) NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-88 Toyota Pickup-4_Runner NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1984-86 Toyota Pickup-4_Runner NOVA701398
1991-97 Toyota Previa_Van NOVA701761 NOVA711761
2001-02 Toyota RAV4 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1996-20 Toyota RAV4 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
2001-02 Toyota Sequoia NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1996-02 Toyota Sienna NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1986-92 Toyota Supra NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1983-85 Toyota Supra NOVA701398 MET711398
1993-98 Toyota T100 NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1995-02 Toyota Tacoma NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1995-98 Toyota Tercel NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1991-94 Toyota Tercel NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-90 Toyota Tercel NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1983-86 Toyota Tercel_Deluxe NOVA701398
1999-01 Toyota Tundra NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1987-90 Toyota Van NOVA701761 NOVA711761
1984-86 Toyota Van NOVA701398

Volkswagen Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1999-02 Volkswagen Beetle NOVA701784 MET711784
1995-01 Volkswagen Cabrio NOVA701784 MET711784
1990-93 Volkswagen Corrado NOVA701784 MET711784
2002 Volkswagen Euro_Van NOVA701784 MET711784
1993-99 Volkswagen Euro_Van NOVA701784 MET711784
1992 Volkswagen Euro_Van NOVA701784 MET711784
1987-93 Volkswagen Fox NOVA701784 MET711784
2002 Volkswagen Golf_(Double-Din) NOVA709003 MET719003
2001-02 Volkswagen Golf NOVA701784 MET711784
1999-00 Volkswagen Golf NOVA701784 MET711784
1994-98 Volkswagen Golf NOVA701784 MET711784
1986-93 Volkswagen Golf NOVA701784 MET711784
1999-01 Volkswagen GTI NOVA701784 MET711784
1995-98 Volkswagen GTI NOVA701784 MET711784
2002 Volkswagen Jetta_(Double-Din) NOVA709003 MET719003
2001-02 Volkswagen Jetta NOVA701784 MET711784
1999-00 Volkswagen Jetta NOVA701784 MET711784
1995-98 Volkswagen Jetta NOVA701784 MET711784
1994 Volkswagen Jetta NOVA701784 MET711784
1980-93 Volkswagen Jetta NOVA701784 MET711784
2002 Volkswagen Passat_(Double-Din) NOVA709003 MET719003
2001-02 Volkswagen Passat NOVA701784 MET711784
1998-00 Volkswagen Passat NOVA701784 MET711784
1990-97 Volkswagen Passat NOVA701784 MET711784
1988 Volkswagen Quantum NOVA701784 MET711784
1986-87 Volkswagen Quantum NOVA701784 MET711784
1986-87 Volkswagen Scirocco NOVA701784 MET711784
1986-92 Volkswagen Vanagon NOVA701784 MET711784

Volvo Car Stereo Wiring Harness
1981-85 Volvo 200_Series_(upper_dash) CWB701119
1981-85 Volvo 200_Series_(lower_dash) CWB701119
1990-93 Volvo 240_Series_(upper_dash) CWB701120
1990-93 Volvo 240_Series_(lower_dash) CWB701120
1986-89 Volvo 240_Series_(upper_dash) CWB701119
1986-89 Volvo 240_Series_(lower_dash) CWB701119
1985-92 Volvo 740_Series CWB701119
1985-92 Volvo 760_Series CWB701119
1993-97 Volvo 850_Series CWB709220
1994-97 Volvo 940-960 CWB709220
1998-02 Volvo C70 CWB709220
2000-02 Volvo S40-V40 CWB709220
1998-02 Volvo S70-V70 CWB709220
1999-02 Volvo S80 n
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